Saturday, November 8, 2014

Week 10: Cinematic Philosophy

What had The Ister by Ross and Barison this week.  I will admit, I didn't really get this film, even after I (tried, as I kept falling asleep it was SSSOOOOOO BORING!!!) watched the full version and not just the excerpt.

The material on how we remember things, and the medium through which we are able to do so was a little easier to understand.  I think that we do remember things the way that we want to, through different things, and that there are certain memories associated with certain things, such as the smell of jasmine on a warm spring night, or the way a particular woman in the shops walks and holds herself.  These can bring back memories without even trying.  I feel that I am missing something in the understanding of this reading and the viewing of this movie, but I will post a few clips of movies that I believe convey this type of sense of remembrance through objects.

contrasted with the Family Guy take on it:

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