Saturday, November 8, 2014

Week 6: Identity, Embodiment, Mortality

This week we had both Alien and Blade Runner to watch.  These were done in reflection of the ideas and concepts concerning a persons identity, (the android in Alien and the character played by Harrison Ford in Blade Runner) and if they can be classed as human or not.

While Alien does introduce the concept of a non-biological being as being human (Ash), the other characters instantly disregard him as such once they learn that he is mechanical in nature.  Blade Runner takes this concept further with 'people' (androids) hiding out amongst the humans trying not be found so that they can just lead 'a normal life'.  This transcends the concept of being and self and can be applied to racial issues, sexuality, social class, and politics.

These are my favourite scenes as far as meaning goes from the films.

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