Saturday, November 8, 2014

Week 4: Phenomenology of/and Cinema

This week I want to stay mostly looking at the film Rear Window, and at Hitchcock himself.  Rear Window really has a sense of defining ones surroundings by what one observes.  It is very much like the theory of the Other, in that a person's own significance and place in the world is dictated by what the Other can and does observe about them, and that it is redefined when a person realises that the Other sees and notices them.  The role of the Other switches between Jefferies and the killer a few times in the movie as well.

I love Alfred Hitchcock.  He was a great filmmaker and storyteller.  I remember growing up watching reruns of Alfred Hitchcock Presents.  I loved the suspense and the way that he went about telling his stories.  He managed to say as much, if not more, with what he didn't say or show as with what he did.  It was truly masterful execution of the invisible on the part of Hitchcock in creating the drama and suspense.  By far, my favourite film that Hitchcock made was North by Northwest, though.  I think I'll use this opportunity to showcase some of my favourite items from Hitchcock that exemplify the suspense and drama.

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